I'm a product design leader living in Brooklyn, NY

I freelanced for THX and relaunched their website.

Together with two of the top designers from Scripps Networks, we took what we learned from building a design system for HGTV and applied it to THX.

Some of our signature patterns like the "super dropdown" make an appearance here, although the site was customized to the client's specific needs.

I was responsible for building a flexible design system for HGTV, Food Network and beyond.

Scripps Networks is a lifestyle media company, responsible for many popular brands including HGTV and the Food Network.

I was tasked with creating a design system that could be shared between properties. Modular components like dropdown headers and carousels could be implemented quickly, and easily skinned.

Up First: HGTV

Getting the house in order

HGTV was the first property that used the new design system. We knew that each top level category (decorating, home improvement, etc) had several important child categories and we wanted to provide "single click" access.

We ended up with something we called "super dropdowns" which were exposed on hover. This design had an added benefit of being highly accessible and improving search engine optimization.

Next: Food Network

Now we are cooking

Once we ironed out the wrinkles with HGTV, the first skinning candidate was Food Network.

You can see the exact same "super dropdown" component in use, and the surrounding components locked to the same grid.

This system was ultimately deployed on other properties including DIY, and was an inspiration for the work I did on THX.

As a G Suite design lead, I created new features, unified mobile platforms & explored experimental concepts.

During my time on the G Suite team, I was design lead for Docs, Sheets and Forms. I also contributed features to Slides, and led experimental initiatives.

The work below shows some highlights. More work is available upon request.

Project Neo

Swinging the pendulum towards mobile

Our web experience was the flagship platform, but mobile usage was growing rapidly - especially in emerging markets.

The mobile apps supported significantly fewer features than the web versions, and the experience was randomly different between iOS and Android. You could edit a table on Android, but not add one. You could view hightlighted text on iOS but not edit it.

I designed a palette system for Docs that accomodated the incoming features, and worked with design leads on the other editors to make sure we were consistent.

A selection of updated palettes from Project Neo.

Contextual Keyboard

Making mobile creation faster

Styling text and working with lists in the mobile editor was harder than it needed to be, and we had the data to prove it.

I gathered stats on the top 10% formatting actions on desktop and compared them to mobile. I then designed a contextual tool strip that appeared above the on-screen keyboard, making popular actions much faster to access.

The toolbar was particularly useful for surfacing secondary options like indentation when inside of a list.

After launch, documents containing rich formatting increased significantly.

Instant Comments

Making conversations easier

Commenting was very powerful feature, but usage was dissapointlingly low. I suspected it was because discovery and access to the feature was buried.

I designed this feature which appeared near the margin when you hovered in that area, or selected content on the canvas.

After launch, comment usage went up significantly.

Experimental stuff

Pushing on the boundaries

I led several initiatives to explore what productivity tools might look like in the future - faster, smarter, better.

While these features didn't launch in this exact format, they influenced other "assistive" initiatives at Google.

Employed at a company with an inspiring mission.


I partner with Engineering and Product leaders to create experiences that are beautiful, intuitive and fun to use.

Experience with hiring and managing teams representing a diverse set of skills including product design, prototyping and copy writing.


Kickstarter Director of Product Design 2018 - present

Leading design across multiple platforms. Hired and managed a team of product designers, creating a supportive environment for them to grow and do their best work.

Google Senior Product Designer 2010 - 2017

Design lead for G Suite. I led Google Docs, Sheets & Forms and I contributed features to Slides. During my last year on the team I explored emerging markets and experimental editors.

Other contributions:
  • Hangouts Meet (video chat)
  • Personalization services for YouTube and G+
  • Google Programmable Ads (formerly Teracent)
  • Spoke at Future of Web Design on behalf of Google
Scripps Networks Product Developer 2008 - 2010

Front end lead for the relaunches of HGTV.com and FoodNetwork.com. We moved the properties to a grided system and created reusable components from the related properties to share.

Other contributions:
  • Managed all blogs for HGTV and Food Network.
  • Launched Food2.com built entirely on Facebook Connect
Playboy Visual Designer 2007 - 2008

Designed non-nude digital editorial features like "Rock the Rabbit." I went to the parties but I never got to meet Hef.


College Temple University, School of Communication & Design
High School New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)